Learning Tree Development Center

How many children do you have in your center?

LTDC is licensed for 31 children.

Do you provide drop-in services?
We provide drop in child care ONLY if space allows.  Drop in families still need to fill out paperwork and an agreement form. 

Do you serve meals?
No, LTDC provides only a morning and afternoon snack. Lunch is provided by the family. We provide milk (1% for 2 years and older and Whole Milk for Infants/Young Toddlers 12 months - 2 years) at each meal.

Do you offer center tours?
Yes.  tours are available at any time with an appointment.  Tours are typically not given during the hours of 1 -3 as it's nap time for many of the children.

What are your hours?
We are open Mon - Fri 7:30 - 4:30.  

How much notice should I give before withdrawing my child?
Learning Tree requires a 2 week written notice to withdraw your child. 

Do you have a Waiting List?  How often are spaces for children available at the center?
Enrollment is on going.  As families change their hours, we make them available to new families.

Is there any kind of child care tuition assistance for student parents?
LTDC does not offer lower rates to students, however there is a Child Care Grant available in the Financial Aid office of most colleges/universities that we will accept. 

Does Learning Tree have a curriculum for classrooms?
Yes, all classrooms have a curriculum that they use.  Lesson Plans can be found on each classroom parent board, and on our Shutterfly Share Site.

Do I pay for the food my child receives at the center?
The cost of food provided by Learning Tree (Morning/Afternoon Snacks) is included in the weekly tuition fees.

What do I do if my child follows a special diet?
Please refer to our Parent Policy Handbook.

Is the Center open year round?
Learning Tree is open year round.  Any days that we are closed will be listed on the School Year Calendar given to families at enrollment.

Does my child have to be potty-trained to attend?
Not in our Infant/Toddler Program.  Preschoolers are required to be fully potty trained.

Can I bring my child if he/she is not feeling well?
Please see our Illness policy in our Parent Policy Handbook.

What happens when my child gets sick while at the center?
We will notify you either via text or phone call. You will need to pick your child up and take him/her home.

Can my child bring special toys from home?
Please see our Parent Policy Handbook for toys brought from home.

May I bring birthday treats for my child?
We allow treats for birthdays, however, they need to be store bought.  Please check with your child's teacher regarding any possible allergies.

May I come and visit my child at the center?
Parents are always welcome to stop in and visit with their children. 

What are the accepted methods of payment?
We accept cash, checks, money orders or credit cards (Visa/Mastercard only). Checks should be made payable to LTDC.

Where do I pay, how often do I get billed?
You make payments in the office. Tuition payments are due weekly and in advance of services. Your account is billed each Wednesday  for the next week of services.

What if I cannot pay my bill by the due date?
The Parent Handbook states all fees are due in advance of services. Late fees will be assessed on accounts not paid on time.

Do I pay for days my child is absent due to illness, vacation or simply a day off?
LTDC does not pro-rate weekly charges for days missed so you do pay the full tuition amount even when your child is absent. If you know in advance for time needed off, please fill out a Two Week Notice form.  

Is there any sibling discount?
We offer a 10% discount off of the second (older) child, and 10% off of 3 or more children.

Do I pay registration fees each year?
No, Registration fees are a one time fee.

What is the cost?

We offer Full Time, Full Day, Half Day and Hourly care for all age groups.  We have discounted rates for veterans, as well as a discount for multiple children.

How can I receive more information about Learning Tree Development Center?
Please add your name to the mailing list or send comments and concerns to: barb.learningtree@gmail.com 

Will the program be a "preschool" or "child care"?
The program will not be a "preschool" in the technical sense because we will be open for a full day rather than just a few hours. To best describe it, we are a child care center with a preschool component. You get the best of both worlds: Full time or Hourly child care with snacks, breakfast and nap time along with a developmentally appropriate learning environment.  The teachers plan the curriculum by setting up various interest centers in the classroom.  The children are free to explore and play within a structured, yet flexible environment.  It is our belief that children learn through play by becoming actively involved within their environment. 

Do I have to pay for child care on days my child does not attend?
Once we set a schedule for your child, you will be billed for those days regardless of your child's actual attendance.  

Do I have to schedule an appointment to visit the center?
Although parents of enrolled children are welcome to visit the center at any time, prospective parents should call first to schedule an appointment.  This way you can be sure that someone will be available to talk with you and show you around the center. 

Can I ever change my child's schedule?
Once you set a schedule for your child, it will last for one school year.  Towards the end of each year, we will send out new reservation forms for the following semester.  You may change your schedule at any time if we have those hours available, and with a two-week notice.

Does my child have to take a nap?
All children in our toddler and preschool rooms in attendance during their designated nap time must rest quietly on a cot.  During this time the teachers go around and rub each child's back.  Soothing music is also played during this time.  Children who are awake after a half hour go outside to play, or stay in the classroom and play with "quiet activities".  We make every effort to accommodate children who truly need a nap as well as those who do not.