During this pandemic, Learning Tree remains open to provide child care for our current families, as well as families of any essential workers.  We take staying open very seriously!  The following is what we have in place to help keep our families safe.

Classrooms are cleaned daily

All toys are sprayed with a bleach water mixture at the end of each day

All mouthed toys are immediately removed and put in a bucket to be deep cleaned

Clorox wipes are used throughout the day on all surfaces

All soft items have been removed from the classrooms.  This includes stuffed animals, dolls, blocks and books.  All items that are not able to be submerged in water to be cleaned.  

No parents are allowed in our classrooms.  

All children have their temperature taken by a staff person upon entering.  While this is happening, the parent fills out the daily Covid 19 checklist.  

All of the children's belongings are stored in individual plastic tubs so nothing touches another child's items.  These tubs are cleaned and sanitized nightly.

At this time, we are not giving tours during the hours of operation.  We can offer virtual tours of the classrooms and you can either meet with our director in her office, or virtually as well.  We would set up a Zoom meeting for any virtual tours.  You are also able to schedule a physical tour with either the owner or director after hours - evenings or weekends.  

If you have any questions, please let us know!  

Learning Tree Development Center